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Lucara Diamond

Lucara’s approach is now an industry example of how to successfully create a digitally-focused strategy that works.

The Challenge

Key Question: How can we expand Lucara’s already established shareholder audience to reach a larger pool of investors and stakeholders?

  • Reach new investors and engage existing ones
  • Highlight the corporate social responsibility involved with the company
  • Utilize social media marketing for PR purposes and reach established media outlets

Social Media

Market One set up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts for the client and when their 1,109-carat diamond was discovered, we made sure to align all their channels to carry the same message. Due to the large following the company had on social media, it has now become the trusted source of information for breaking news.

Lucara now has over 35,000 followers and has received over 2 million views on their content.


Through our sections on BNN Bloomberg and Financial Post, M1 published editorial content about Lucara’s major milestones throughout the year. We increased the distribution through paid media by leveraging our targeting through strategic social media advertising to increase the amount of reads on editorial content.

The articles that we published received over 15,000 targeted views on average, with millions of impressions being served across North America and Europe.


Lucara’s CEO was interviewed on the Market One Minute, a 60 second commercial, which was broadcast on BNN Bloomberg. We also filmed shorter length video clips where their CEO discussed their corporate updates and CSR initiatives for digital distribution.

The Market One Minute broadcast piece received over 1.3 million views and digitally, Lucara’s video content has been seen over 400,000 times.




Targeted views




Brand lift

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