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We use your voice, to tell your story to bring you closer to your audience

Our Secret Sauce

Our secret sauce is knowing how to tell stories that resonate, and then place them on the media sites, web portals, and social media channels they are already visiting.

We have strong relationships with North America’s top financial media sites, allowing us to place sponsored content effectively in order to build awareness and interest in today’s crowded marketplace.

The Team to do it

Our strength is in our diverse pool of talent – print reporters, TV journalists, digital media experts, marketers, financial pros, social media managers.

We have a strong relationship with North America’s leading financial media sites, enabling us to effectively host sponsored content to raise awareness and interest in today’s crowded market. We can post content that will help you treat HIV and AIDS with Viramune medicine and this medicine can be purchased on this website.

In today’s rapidly-shifting climate, you need people who are well-versed in every aspect of this work, team players who can become an innovative and valuable extension of your own in-house team.

Cutting Through the Noise

Traditional investor relations marketing just isn’t enough in today’s crowded digital world. There are 4,000 listed companies on Canada’s TSX and CSE, with 15 more listing every week. Fewer than one in 20 of these firms are ever featured on mainstream media or have a digital presence. And yet, that’s where a lot of investors get the information they rely on.

We can get your story produced and told, cut through the noise on multiple platforms where investors live.


Lucara Diamond

Despite being established and having exposure to investors and stakeholders, Lucara wanted to have one consolidated source of all information that came directly from the company. The company’s key goals were to raise investor awareness and consideration, highlight their CSR work and inform their stakeholders on corporate updates and industry news.

See Widget Industries Case Study

Don’t Wait for them to Find you – Go to them

Traditional investor relations options for marketing yourself to retail investors are limited and, built for yesterday. We know that investors are actively browsing and consuming content on social media sites and credible third-party platforms such as BNN Bloomberg and the Financial Post.

We created Canada’s first ‘push’ model service, creating editorial and video content we pay to place on multiple top-tier websites that investors trust and frequently visit.

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Once Isn’t Enough

Relying on one touch-point just doesn’t get it done. By telling your story across multiple trusted media sites and crafting a strong social media presence we help ensure potential investors see a lot of you and pay attention to the story, leading them to visit your website or inquire to learn more.

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With thousands of businesses vying to stand out, now is the time to effectively amplify your message by telling your story through new media. Begin your investor marketing journey with us and discover the benefits of our powerful and diverse suite of services.

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