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Market One offers the most comprehensive television package in Canada to attract investors and your video will pique the audience’s interest with industry, market and company information.

We offer the following services for broadcast:

  • Market One Minute – Come in to one of our studios for an on-camera interview about the latest developments at your company. We will then place the interview on BNN Bloomberg, which is watched by thousands of retail investors every day. This is the perfect vehicle to talk about your latest quarterly results, IPO, or landmark development. We amplify Market One Minute videos through our own dedicated section on BNN Bloomberg’s website, where viewers will be directed for more information.Last year, our Market One Minutes were viewed for a total of 3.2 million minutes.

  • 15 second commercial – Gain millions of investor impressions on TV with attention-grabbing and memorable ads. Our team will handle all the creative and production, collaborating with you to make sure it’s right.

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